Two Motor Oil Myths That Have Been Circulating For Years

Some motor oil myths never seem to go away. For instance, drivers have been told for decades that they need to have their oil changed every 3,000 miles. Moreover, many Falmouth motorists continue to believe this even though their owners' manuals say otherwise. At Morong Falmouth Audi, we want locals to know the truth about their motor oil so that they can make informed decisions about this key aspect of their automotive care.

Filter Changes Are Important

Never let anyone tell you that changing your oil but not changing your filter is a good idea. Filters trap and retain a lot of particulates that are virtually guaranteed to contaminate any new oil that you put in. If you want an oil change to actually benefit your engine, always have the filter changed too.

Dark-Colored Oil Is Not A Bad Sign

Checking your engine oil and discovering that it's black can be disheartening. You should know, however, that dark engine oil isn't a bad sign. This simply means that your oil is doing its job in terms of picking up particulates and retaining them. It's helping to keep your engine clean. To learn all about your motor oil and to get professional and reliable servicing, come to Morong Falmouth Audi today.


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