What is front-wheel drive vs. rear-wheel drive?

Are you looking at new cars to buy and can’t decide between front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive? There are some significant differences between these two drivetrains. With front-wheel drive (FWD), your car is pulled forward, providing some acceleration and decent power. However, it does not match the acceleration and horsepower with a rear-wheel drive (RWD) configuration.

RWD vehicles were made for faster engines and towing capacity. This is because the transmission sends power to the rear differential or back wheels. Your car is pushed forward, rather than being pulled forward, which results in great startup acceleration and better handling. These vehicles can also tow more without putting too much strain on the transmission.

So, if you need fuel efficiency for long commutes and daily driving, a compact car or small sedan with FWD may be right for your budget. However, if you want more power and faster acceleration, then RWD is more suitable. Want to test drive each? You can take your pick at Morong Falmouth Audi.


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