How the Audi e-tron is Changing Electric Vehicle Ownership

The Audi e-tron is the first fully electric SUV from Audi. This futuristic new vehicle has overcome many of the pitfalls of other electric vehicles. Faster charging and higher capacity batteries allow drivers to be on the move more quickly, spending less time waiting for their vehicles to charge.

More specifically, Audi has combined several new features to make the new Audi e-tron more convenient than any other electric vehicle. For example, the home charging capsule allows owners to charge their cars overnight. With this technology, a full charge at home takes only nine hours, getting you back out onto the roads of Falmouth, ME.

New electric charging stations are being built across America daily. Electrify America makes up a huge proportion of these charging stations. For everyone that purchases a new e-tron, Audi will provide up to 1,000 kWh of charging for the first four years of ownership. For those interested in reserving the new e-tron, consider reserving one with the friendly staff at Morong Falmouth Audi.


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