The Audi A5 Sportback Has a Convenient Tool for Routes

If you set routes using the Audi A5's navigation tools, you won't waste a lot of time loading information into the system. Instead of tapping a screen to gather information, you can access addresses by strategically moving your finger on a circular touchpad.

MMI Touch is technology that powers the touchpad. The hardware is easy to use because it recognizes strokes for specific letters and numbers. Everything is synced to a console, which compiles and organizes media. You can monitor the screen while using the touchpad as both components are only a few inches apart. These technologies complement the 12.3-inch instrument display panel by the steering wheel; this system has its own unique navigation software.

Audi technologies are convenient, practical, and efficient. You can test them while visiting Morong Falmouth Audi. We cater to every potential buyer who stops by our dealership can test drive an Audi A5.



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