How to Manage Your Motion Sickness

While you're traveling, you want to be comfortable instead of dealing with motion sickness. This is a common condition that involves your brain and the movement of your body. It can impact anyone of any age. Before you leave home to travel, try to drink plenty of water instead of a lot of caffeinated drinks or alcohol.

If possible, lay your seat back so that you can rest while traveling. You can also look at something far away instead of looking at items that are directly beside the vehicle. An easy way to take control of motion sickness is to take control of the vehicle by driving. You're in control of your movements, and you can stop when needed.

Consider having a few distractions in your vehicle, such as having the radio on or eating a few crackers if you're not driving. Morong Falmouth Audi can ensure that your radio is working properly along with other electrical devices so that you can enjoy music or videos on your mobile device to help with motion sickness.



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