Maintaining Your Fuel

Without clean fuel in your car, you're not going to get anywhere. Sometimes, you might get rust in your gas tank that interacts with the fuel that you have or water in your fuel that can reduce its quality. A fuel system service is beneficial when you take your car to a mechanic, especially if you notice any lags in acceleration or other issues with performance.

There are additives that you can put in your fuel that can clean it each month. These should be added when your gas tank is full. Other fuel system services to consider include changing the fuel filter so that sediments are strained and changing the fuel pump if you notice inconsistencies with starting your car or accelerating.

Our technicians at Morong Falmouth Audi in Falmouth, ME can examine your car to determine the best products to use to enhance your fuel. We can also perform routine fuel services to keep your car on the road as long as possible.

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