What That Grinding Noise Means When You Start Your Car

Unfamiliar noises, especially loud and abrasive ones, are not what you want to hear from your car. If you have started to notice such a noise when you go to start your car that could mean your starter needs to be replaced.

A part of the starter known as the starter gear can become worn out over time. This causes it to fit improperly into the flywheel. When this occurs the teeth on the gear rub against the flywheel and causes that loud grinding sound. While it is possible to continue driving your car once this starts happening it is not advisable. The damaged starter gear can cause significant damage to the flywheel itself. This can result in a more expensive repair when it is finally serviced.

If you have begun to hear a grinding noise, or any other strange noise while driving, bring your vehicle into our service center here at Morong Falmouth Audi in Falmouth, ME for an inspection.

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